We have expanded our facility seven times since 1970, and built a new 60,000 square foot building in 2007. The additions have allowed for the most technological advances and efficient operations in order to accommodate the needs of our customers. Schofield Enterprises is committed to expansion and growth to ensure the production of the highest quality wire harness at the best value.


40+ team members, including:

  • 4 Sales Support

  • A full-time continuous improvement coordinator

  • 3 Engineering staff

  • 32+ Production FTE


  • WHMA - Wiring Harness Manufacturer's Association

  • SAE

Our Facility & Equipment

  • 60,000 square foor facility

  • 10 wire/cable cutting lines

  • 30 terminal applicator press machines

  • 18 braiding machines

  • 4 sonic welding machines

  • 100% continuity checked

  • Electronic testing equipment*

*Please contact us for details about our extensive testing capabilities.

Our Capabilities

  • Production Capability: 3 shifts, 5 days a week or more

  • High volume assembly process

  • Low volume or one-off assembly process

  • Prototype development

  • Serial number control

  • Direct ship

-To your facility
-To your customer
-To your customers' customers